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Sandton Central grows its successful partnership with JMPD

Sandton Central grows its successful partnership with JMPD to boost the world-class management of SA’s financial capital

08 September – Building on the success of its strategic partnership to enforce city bylaws in Sandton Central, Sandton Central Management District (SCMD) has handed over a second vehicle to Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD). The new vehicle will be dedicated to patrolling the Wierda Valley district.

Sponsored by Growthpoint Properties and Alchemy Properties, this added vehicle builds on the significant success achieved with the first, which first began patrolling Sandton Central a year ago.

Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager for Sandton Central Management District, says: “Sandton Central strives to offer a well-managed orderly space. The continuous presence of JMPD within Sandton Central has helped to keep crime and bylaws in check and achieved priorities for the world-class management of our leading financial district. Our public space belongs to the city, so partnering with the city is essential to ensure its bylaws are upheld. By collaborating in this way, it benefits the city and the many people who live, work and visit Sandton Central each day.”

In August last year, two JMPD officers began to use a dedicated co-branded vehicle to enforce the public space laws in Sandton Central on weekdays, from 9am to 6pm, and night patrols, from 10pm to 4am from Thursday to Sunday, in line with the city’s vibrant nightlife. Before this, by-law infringements in Sandton Central were addressed on a call-out by call-out basis.

Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD)
Elaine Jack, City Improvement District Manager for Sandton Central Management District (SCMD)

Among the many successes achieved by introducing the dedicated JMPD vehicle are decreasing illegal parking, preventing taxi violence, controlling illegal trading and reducing traffic violations. The sponsored vehicle’s most frequent responses have been to taxi conflicts and parking obstructions, particularly along Rivonia Road near the Sandton Gautrain Station.

Besides enforcing public space laws, the vehicle and its crew also assist to ease traffic congestion with traffic control, help at traffic accidents and join in education and awareness campaigns initiated by Sandton Central.

Enock Sibiya, Deputy Director of the JMPD, comments: “Through public participation in policing their area, SCMD has helped create a greater sense of safety for locals and tourists alike and boosted investment confidence in Sandton Central. It has created a smaller patrol area, making policing easier and more effective. The support the city receives from business and the community through this partnership has increased visible policing and improved communications between ratepayers and the JMPD. It motivates our officers to deliver meticulous policing in a community that values them.”

The strategic partnership agreement was driven by SCMD to further Sandton Central’s leading position as a high-energy commercial centre around which business people, residents, shoppers and tourists live, work, play, shop and meet.

The second vehicle will patrol the increasingly popular and lively business hub of Wierda Valley, where several exciting new developments are on the rise including the significant investments from both Growthpoint and Alchemy. It continues SCMD’s commitment to ensuring a leading city at the forefront of well-managed central business districts in South Africa.

The new vehicle was introduced in a pilot phase and is now set to be a permanent fixture in Wierda Valley. It includes a GPS tracker to record its patrols. It enables the strict and sustainable enforcement of the city’s bylaws in Wierda Valley, including by-laws relating to public space, such as parking, trading, taxis, advertising, waste and water, among others.

The vehicle’s JMPD officers are equipped with a radio connected to the Sandton Central control room and a dedicated cell phone, to facilitate immediate communication and supports speedy reaction in a crisis or emergency.

Sibiya says: “A second vehicle increases the continuous presence of JMPD in Sandton Central. It enables us to deploy more officers around the precinct, increasing the initiative’s visibility and reach. This means even greater assistance for residents and businesses in the area. It boosts our ability to respond to traffic violations, crime and even provide point duty in the case of defective traffic signals.”

And, by adding a second vehicle to the joint initiative, it also increases the scope of regular reporting to better pinpoint trends in any violations or crimes, so they can be addressed.

He adds: “This initiative promotes the participation of business in policing, which empowers JMPD to deliver better service with their input. We look forward to continuing this positive relationship eradicate violations of the city’s by-laws and increase compliance by both public transport and private motorists.”

Sandton Central is Africa’s leading commercial centre and committed to being a world-class managed space.

Jack notes: “The growth of this initiative ensures the lines of communication between the JMPD and Sandton Central are open at all times. By working together in this way, we are confident we will boost the positive experience of Sandton Central for everyone.”