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Perks of Public Transport

Living in the vibrant hub of Cape Town, residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring all the attractions this city has to offer. Getting to your destination doesn’t necessarily mean using your own car. With travel options, such as metered taxis and the popular MyCiTi bus routes, complemented by walkways that call for day-long explorations of shops and restaurants, you can easily navigate your way through the Mother City – making it all the more alluring to live and work here.

It is no secret that many city dwellers are keen cyclists too. They are happy to travel via bicycle to work, cafés or scenic attractions such as the Sea Point Promenade where parking spots, especially over weekends, are notoriously packed. Added to this, increased travelling by bicycle lessens traffic congestion and is eco-friendlier, thanks to fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

my-city-busThat being said, potential Cape Town homebuyers and residents aren’t necessarily ready to ditch their cars just yet. Paul Malakou, sales agent for Knight Frank Residential South Africa operating in the Cape Town CBD and Atlantic Seaboard areas, shares that although people are attempting to shift away from the use of cars, the income level that can afford to buy in Cape Town still finds the need for cars.

“It is important to note, though, that limited parking in Cape Town is a concern, as are the expensive parkades in the CBD,” he adds.

With these high costs in mind, considering using public transport will in the long run most likely reduce costs and rule out the frustration of circling the block to find a decent parking spot.

In many global cities, such as Berlin and New York, youngsters in particular are embracing the trend of taking public transport, and with a universal mindset of eco-friendliness, perhaps it is time for local city dwellers and homeowners to open their mind to the possibility too.