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Growthpoint’s Property Point develops promising small businesses for Attacq

JOHANNESBURG – Growthpoint and Attacq confirmed a renewed partnership to develop promising small businesses through the Property Point initiative.

Nine small businesses will benefit from strategic development as part of an exciting new intake by Property Point, a Growthpoint Properties initiative, in collaboration with Attacq Limited, a capital growth fund listed on the JSE, with a diverse portfolio.

These nine businesses have joined Property Point’s supplier development programme as part of its latest intake, which has been tailored to the specific needs of Attacq.

Property Point - SupplierDevIntake“Attacq continuously aims to develop and invest in the growth of people and so believe that this programme will provide an excellent platform to achieve this”, says Danny Vermeulen, Attacq’s Transformation specialist.

Shawn Theunissen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Growthpoint Properties and Head of Property Point, explains: “Supplier development improves supplier performance in a proven win-win for both small businesses and corporate companies.”

He adds: “By developing the companies on Attacq’s supply chain, we are improving the quality of service delivery it receives from its suppliers. This benefits the company, its clients and the small businesses. What’s more, this supplier development partnership between Attacq and Property point makes a positive contribution to SA’s property sector and plays a vital role in stimulating the economy as a whole.”

All nine small businesses deliver services to the property industry, such as landscaping, plumbing, cleaning, building maintenance, air-conditioning and fire protection. “Due to the nature of Attacq’s business of consistently delivering capital to its investors through investments and developments, these nine businesses are the perfect fit to our business and we are excited to offer them a bright future” adds Danny.

Theunissen explains effective supplier development creates the basis for a business relationship that manages and improves service while equipping and supporting a small business’s management and workforce, and assisting it on a strategic level. It also ensures compliance and effective risk management.

For Attacq, the supplier development programme of Property Point supports its competitive edge with better service delivery from its supply chain, ensuring satisfied clients and better tenant attraction and retention. By supporting suppliers to strengthen their capabilities, the programme will ultimately enhance Attacq’s performance and align with Attacq’s core pillars – Invest, Develop and Grow.

For the entrepreneurs, Property Point’s supplier development programme helps them build a sustainable business and sidestep stumbling blocks that too often result in small businesses failing. As profitable small businesses, these suppliers are better positioned to grow into thriving medium-sized and large corporations, provide opportunities for new jobs and support SA’s economic growth.

Property Point’s latest supplier development intake continues its excellent track record as leaders in enterprise and supplier development. Established by Growthpoint in 2008, Property Point has led the way for developing small businesses supplying the property industry. It has also pioneered collaboration across businesses in the property sector through its growing and thriving relationship with Attacq.

Property Point provides entrepreneurs operating within South Africa’s property sector with the necessary skills, training and personal development they need to grow their businesses and reach their full potential, compete in the open market and meet the industry’s supply chain needs.

Since inception, it has seen almost 100 SMEs participate in its two-year incubation programme. Generating over R451 million in procurement opportunities for these SMEs, Property Point’s programme has helped these enterprises achieve a reported revenue growth of up to 54.5%. It has also been instrumental in growing these small businesses to create over 1,100 jobs, so far.

“Together Property Point and Attacq are creating jobs, transforming workplaces, boosting the competitiveness of businesses big and small, innovating and stimulating the economy,” says Theunissen.