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Atterbury Asset Managers partner with Excellerate Property Services

Atterbury, the leading South African property developer and investor, has launched a new property services joint venture with Excellerate Property Services (EPS) designed to add significant value to its properties under management.

ATTX, as the new property management partnership is named, is a game-changing endeavour. It applies a novel vertically-integrated joint venture approach to property services, which removes the defining line between asset manager, property manager and landlord. ATTX is designed to deliver efficient, operationally effective and strategically aligned property services.

The ATTX team operates alongside the Atterbury Asset Managers at Atterbury’s head office, and benefits from Atterbury’s proven property strategies but its operational activities are the responsibility of JV partner Excellerate.

The property services specialists work in a focused environment with the dedicated systems and process needed to optimise their specialised service delivery, yet they remain closely connected with the property owner and asset manager, in an environment that reinforces performance delivery.

In addition to the staff based within Atterbury’s office at Die Klubhuis in Hazelwood, ATTX delivers property services on-site at many of Atterbury’s property assets throughout South Africa.

Lucille Louw, MD of Atterbury Asset Managers, says, “ATTX is a best-in-class property services business that benefits both partners. It is the start of an exciting new chapter in Atterbury’s history as we celebrate 25 years of doing business this year. We have mapped out a long-term plan to improve our overall property services delivery infrastructure with Excellerate as our partner.”

Marna van der Walt, CEO of Excellerate Property Services, notes that ATTX is the ideal model for effective and efficient delivery of property services. “Creating joint ventures eliminates having to choose between outsourced or in-house only models. This in-housed outsourcing business structure allows integrated service delivery while ensuring operational accountability.”

The joint venture brings to life the Atterbury motto of ‘a matter of association’. With ATTX, Atterbury and Excellerate have established a new association that is already operating and is empowered at a B-BBEE level 1.