Future Atlantic Seaboard buyers have their say as real estate marketing gets innovative

Gone are the days of boring property adverts. Today’s real estate consumers want more entertainment and an interesting way to engage with property listings, according to Ross Levin, licensee for Seeff Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl.

While social media and digital platforms and technology-enabled walk-throughs and virtual reality enable realtors to showcase so much more of a particular property, just looking at property listings is often not enough to showcase a really spectacular property, he says.

As a leading brand on the Atlantic Seaboard led by a dynamic licensee and team, Levin says their focus is on being innovative, doing things differently and changing the way in which real estate is marketed. We realised that prospective purchasers want more engagement so that they can “picture” themselves living in the home or apartment, but it also needs to be entertaining to showcase how you can live your best life on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Combining these elements, we came up with the innovative idea to put a reality show together where young millennial contestants – our buyers of the future so to speak – would engage with and showcase the unique views, selling points and quality of the properties, experiencing the fabulous Atlantic Seaboard lifestyle, and then guess what prices they would be prepared to pay.

The six-part show, entitled “The Mother Listing” is flighted weekly on the Seeff Atlantic Seaboard YouTube channel. It is the first of its kind in South Africa and will no doubt set the tone for luxury real estate marketing going forward, says Levin.

Each episode features one of the top super luxury listings on the Atlantic Seaboard and takes viewers from Fresnaye to the Waterfront yacht basin, Mouille Point to Camps Bay and to Bantry Bay. The homes showcase the spectacular lifestyle and come with all the luxury trimmings that you could desire, from bespoke architecture and finishes to your own private a 20-seater dine-in wine cellar and cinema, a luxurious ocean facing bath, or a double-volume penthouse with its own private pool overlooking the yacht basin to your own private tennis court.

The show is hosted by Misha Solanga, an actor and presenter and Ross Levin. It gives viewers a front-row seat to enjoying the spectacular home and soaking in all of the unique features along with the three special guests (the contestants) who, at the end must guess the list price with the contestant closest to the actual price winning a cash prize.