Videos will be the new way to market your property says Residential People

Global free-to-list property portal gives you the ability to enhance your property like never before with the help of real-time online videos.

● Automatically create a video of your listing in minutes
● Effortlessly embed your video on your property’s listing page
● Easily Share your video online and on social media

To watch the video:

The emergent prop-tech portal Residential People continues to go from strength to strength,
announcing a visually stunning and eye-catching way to improve the marketability of your property in
Following on from revealing that the portal had reached 100,000 listings worldwide across
commercial & residential listings in just five weeks since its launch, Residential People’s online video
generator is a true game-changer in online real estate, giving agents more marketing power and
social media traction than a standard listing.
The Residential People online video generator adds a genuine wow factor to your online property
listings and can be generated automatically from your property dashboard.
Research by Forbes has shown that customers are 4x more likely to watch a video than read a text –
meaning that you can increase the potential audience of your property listing dramatically – Unlike
standard text, Residential People’s video listings allow for easier social media sharing and is proven
to increase monthly unique visitors by 200 – 300%.
With the introduction of video, Residential People has differentiated itself from the crowd even further,
offering a unique selling point that no other property portal of our size can match.
Combined with the automatic PDF & Microsite tools, and offering agents a radical free-to-list solution
for advertising their properties, Residential People and it’s fellow commercial property portal,
Commercial People, have begun to disrupt the property market and offer a new way of thinking into
the homogenous real estate sector.

Commercial & Residential People have proven to be immensely popular with estate agents, securing
the likes of Lambert Smith Hampton, Avison Young, Savills UAE, Open House and Balgores Property
Group among many others.
Residential People co-Director Christopher May said: “We are constantly striving to bring new prop
tech products to the market place. Our focus is to help agents win more business and help to drive
more traffic to their brand. We believe videos are an essential part of online brand awareness and by
uploading videos to social media and an agent’s Youtube channel we believe this will give our agents
a healthy edge over their competitors. We plan to launch further products and our aim is to make
products that are extremely easy to use and produce maximum benefit to the agent.”