The questions you need to be asking yourself and others, when making that all-important decision to downscale or move into a retirement village

Retirement Intelligence

Retirement Intelligence was the hot topic of conversation at a presentation held at Langebaan Country Estate (LCE) on Thursday, 30 November, attended by homeowners on the estate and locals and their extended families interested in and considering their retirement options. 

Retirement means different things to different people, but the reality is that of deciding where you can afford to put your feet up, potter in the garden, have access to shops and services, invite your family to stay, be cared for, walk the dog or take up a hobby – all factors that need consideration when making that important move.

This, according to the guest speaker at the event, Rob Jones, Managing Director of Shire Retirement Properties and specialist retirement consultant for the soon-to-be-launched retirement village at Langebaan Country Estate.

Jones says that when planning for retirement, one needs not only to be informed but also to apply that information. This is paramount to making the right choice for your future.  His company specialises in research and reporting on principles, worldwide trends and factors that affect retirement.

The presentation was enthusiastically received with Jones covering many topics that affect a happy retirement – considerations that should be taken into account such as financial planning, hobbies and activities, health and nutrition, relationships and emotional well-being.

In addition, Jones was very frank, covering the often-avoided negative factors that should be taken into consideration when approaching retirement – such as resistance to change, disorganisation, downscaling and dealing with negative feelings – anything from a sense of isolation, to having a bad attitude or feeling uninformed or overwhelmed, to managing stress.

Ultimately, you have to choose the type of lifestyle that you want and one that you can afford. It is important to overcome resistance to change and arm yourself with the security of accurate information. Fortunately, there are several helpful guides to retirement villages that you can access when you are ready to look for that special place to put your feet up.