Johannesburg’s best-kept secret offers unmatched lifestyle

Situated on a scenic wetland area in the East Rand, La Como Lifestyle Estate not only offers residents idyllic surroundings close to nature, but also includes every possible amenity and convenience to ensure an incomparable Highveld lifestyle.

“Homes in La Como offer residents a secure luxury lifestyle that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else within the Johannesburg region,” says Nelson Ferreira, Pam Golding Properties Area Principal, Johannesburg East. Pam Golding Properties has been appointed to market the spec homes and land and building packages within the development.

“These factors, plus the fact that these properties offer investors such superb ‘bang’ for their proverbial ‘buck’, and have already shown substantial capital growth since the estate’s inception in 2011, has ensured that La Como has become a Johannesburg estate address of choice, and homes here remain highly sought after,” adds Ferreira. “Pam Golding Properties is immensely honoured to now be marketing the outstanding properties, which we believe offer a once in a lifetime investment opportunity.”

Michael Stylianou, Chief Executive Officer of Aspen Development Company says that at La Como Lifestyle Estate the resale value of properties has shown substantial growth by an average of some 12 to 18 percent growth on investment year on year.

“This highlights the strength of the property market within the area and properties are continuing to see impressive capital appreciation,” he observes. “Investors therefore have the added peace of mind knowing their property will deliver a strong return on investment. In addition, properties are well priced, starting at R3.1 million and going up to R14 million.”

According to Ferreira, La Como is ideally situated in what is a bustling, fast developing region, making it the perfect place to settle long term. Set in a lavish 80-hectare greenbelt, amenities within the estate include four parks, and a clubhouse with restaurant, gym, heated pool and conference facilities. Some 200 homes have so far been developed on the estate’s 521 spacious stands, ranging from 500 sqm to 3 000 sqm in size.

“While the estate has a country ambiance, it is centrally situated close to freeways and other arterial roads offering easy access to OR Tambo International Airport and greater Johannesburg, as well as a number of outstanding schools, shopping, entertainment and other facilities.

“We expect La Como to experience rapid growth over the next two years with demand continuing to be driven by such factors as its superb location and its state of the art security, which enables residents to enjoy a concern-free country lifestyle,” notes Ferreira.

He says that what appeals to many people when it comes to buying property in the estate is the fact that property developers, Dimension Property Group and Aspen Development Company, who also developed international property award winning sister estate, Aspen Nature Estate, offer a full turnkey building solution.

“The offering includes project management, architecture, engineering, land surveying, site management and interior planning. This allows the estate to not only maintain quality standards but also ensure that aesthetically the architecture fits in with the estate style guide. It also enables buyers the opportunity to personalise their dream home with the added benefit of being able to take occupation in the near future.”

Byron Caloyannis, Project Director at Dimension Property Group, says that La Como’s lifestyle centre offers tennis and squash courts, a heated training pool, a fully equipped gym as well as a family-friendly restaurant, while other amenities within the estate include a number of children’s playgrounds, nature trails, a bird sanctuary and even a gazebo viewing deck, which overlooks the scenic lake on the estate. Residents also have access to fibre to the home should they want this option.

As it is situated on a protected greenbelt, Caloyannis says the developers have been determined to ensure individual homes and building structures blend as seamlessly into the natural environment as possible, adhering to contemporary, bespoke South African designs throughout the estate.

“Walking around the estate grounds can be surprisingly deceptive in that it gives the impression that you have stepped out into the local countryside, and you would never think for a minute that you were in the heart of a bustling metropolis.”

“The indigenous plants and trees teeming with an abundance of birdlife, together with the use of natural building materials, such as timber and stone, help to exude a modern outdoorsy back-to-nature ambience. This is a look and feel we have purposely attempted to create. And in addition to the grounds and building style, the on-site nature trails and bird sanctuary make La Como a nature lover’s paradise,” explains Caloyannis.

He says that when it comes to location, La Como’s proximity to major transport nodes and OR International Airport make it ideal for business people and executive commuters who may travel frequently, or the perfect investment for companies requiring accommodation for employees who travel regularly. It is situated just ten minutes from the Rhodesfield Gautrain station, 12 minutes from the N12 highway and a mere five minutes from the R21. It is also close to a number of top-notch schools, shopping malls, hospitals and clinics allowing easy access to everything a homeowner could possibly need within a relatively small radius.

“Estate living, particularly in Johannesburg, is increasingly in demand as busy families are seeking a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle close to their place of work and amenities. La Como offers all of this and it is also of great appeal that children can play safely in public areas while riding their bikes in the streets of the estate.

“In addition, we have made a concerted effort to keep levies as low as possible, ensuring estate owners continue to benefit from ongoing value for money. However, despite comparatively lower levies residents still benefit from a variety of world-class amenities as well as a top-of-the-range security system.”

Ferreira says that given the excellent facilities on offer, there is something for everyone at La Como. “This makes investing in an estate such as this a very popular choice for families. That being said, with La Como property owners ranging in age from 35 to 70 years, it is also an ideal location for people to spend their retirement years.

“In addition, access to other forms of entertainment, amenities and services situated a stone’s throw from, and also conveniently located within, the estate, makes it possible for residents to access a range of added benefits and services that they would not otherwise necessarily have access to,” he concludes.